TRE Studios is a framing
and design workspace

We do quality custom made wooden framing on different types of wood.
We design attractive framing presentations for the artwork.

quality only

We use acid-free materials for framing the artwork, how closely sure that the artwork can be saved for many years without marks

Our services

Tre studios custom framing


Custom framing is a great way to frame your artwork. You will have the option to choose your own profile frame, dimension, colour, wood type, and extensive selection of manufactured frame styles, and we specialize in custom-made solutions.

Tre studios assembly of site-spesific artwork

Assembly of site-specific artwork

Assisting in the process of art projects and helping to create the idea is also one of the possibilities, especially when we become in the wood project.

Crate transport

All Artproof premium crates are made for transport by truck, boat or plane. Crates are strong enough to handle all sorts of manipulation and climate changes.

Tre studios gluing prints

Gluing Prints

we do glue prints on aluminium, Di board, mat border all the materials we use are Acid-free, which keeps the artwork print healthy and no marks from the glue for many years.

Treating your

The artwork caring will be inside the frame part here is inside the frame, all the materials will be used Acid-free, and every painting or printing has a different way to frame it, we chose the glueing system to keep the artwork safe, and healthy for many years.